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Technical Catalog
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We Custom Package to your requirements. However, packaging requirements are particular to each company. And we ask that you Contact Us with your specific needs.

Coil Choices
ID: 16 inch 20 inch 32 inch
weights of
Pancake Coils: 167 lbs PIW 334lbs PIW 500lbs. PIW
weights of
Single Strand
Oscillate coils: 167 lbs PIW 334lbs PIW 500lbs. PIW
Welds accepted for
Oscillate coils: Yes No
Cut-to-length: ………Length +/-…….Tolerance

· All packages are oil with light weight oil, wrapped with VCI paper, wrapped again with heavy plastic and hardened.

· Pallets are heavy duty and made to fit package.

· Pallet Tag shows Customer Name, PO ?, Heat ?, Grade, Size and Net Weight.


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