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If you will only buy a precision watch from a Swiss manufacturer, then why buy your precision steel from Brazil, Germany, or India?

Kaltband is a Swiss SQS Certified ISO 9001:2000 Steel Mill who also has International IQNet & SQS Certificate as an ISO 9001:2000 Steel. We are pleased to present our achievements for your consideration.  "Click on" the links below to view our certificates:

International ISO 9001 2000 Certificate

Swiss SQS ISO 9001 2000 Certificate

There are specific reasons that our customers use words like "product knowledge," "metallurgical techniques" and "business integrity," to describe their experiences with Kaltband.

To know what Kaltband means when we say "PRECISION TOLLERANCES" please view the Technical Catalogue on this web site. See how we define Surface Finishes & Rolling Conditions, Edge Designs, Thickness Tolerances, Width Tolerances, Hardness & Tensile Ranges, Flatness Properties and Camber Allowances. "Click on" and visit the production centers where we impart Swiss value adding techniques to produce desired properties.

For a more comprehensive understanding of how we produce the steel properties in the Technical Catalogue take a Kaltband Mill Tour.  You can visit each stage of production that raw material flow through, from start to finish. 

Our customers say that buying Kaltband steel means less downtime, higher throughput rates, less scrap and gives them the ability to better market their products with higher quality at a real value.

Our central European Swiss location gives us distribution advantages. Our own fleet of trucks delivers finished steel products all over Europe and returns with raw materials for conversion to precision steel. Kaltband has low cost all water distribution via the Basil Rhine river port to the Americas, Asia, the Middle East and world markets.

Manufacturing of steel at Kaltband is an art and not a science. Under Contact Us you can view the Kaltband Team that our customers say is the main reason for our success. The art of steel making is our knowledge, skills and experience that cannot be learned in graduate school.

A company with 98% of its production exported to the world markets needed a strategic global presence to better service their customers. We choose Chicago as the site for our international technical engineering and sales team because of its central location in North America. From Chicago's O'Hare Field, within half a day, we can be in Sweden, Australia or Singapore working with our customers. The North American Team builds upon our strengths and expands our knowledge, experience and talent and helps continue to make Kaltband a special company. 

We work every day to try to make Kaltband the best it can be while focused on our most important assets'our customers. 

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